Why should we obey the state and its laws?

A snippet from the book “What’s wrong with eating people” by Peter cave.

This snippet is taken from Chapter 14 “Man or sheep”

Why should we obey the state and its laws?

We obey the law because we are scared of the consequences of disobedience, not wanting to risk fines and imprisonment. The rational thing to do, given the aim of getting on with our lives as best as we can, is to obey. When asked whether man or mouse, some of us tend to squeak and take the cheese. Even more so may most of us squeak, when the tentacles of the law and the long arm of the police take hold. We mice may, indeed, be more akin to sheep, sheepishly following each other in our general obedience. Our puzzle though is what, if anything, makes obeying the law the right thing to do – even if we could get away with disobeying.

Do you think we can ever get to a point where we can act civil and respectful without the existence of law, a law that holds people accountable for their crimes and mis-behaviors?


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  1. Tarek

    This is just like asking if human nature can be changed.. I don’t think so..

  2. we should obey the state because the state not only restricts the life, liberty and property of us but it must initiate the necessary steps to protect our life, liberty and property….

  3. Why do citizens obey the law of the states?

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