Love conquers death in a poem

Hind Shoufani’s poems are reminiscent of a lost lover, a lost time…a place, and ultimately the loss of loved one.

She transports one through a journey of tears, laughter, sadness, happiness and mostly a life once conquered, yet remains to be constantly explored.

In her first collection, published in august 2007, “More Light Than Death Could Bear” the poetess recounts her Beirut, past lovers and friendship.

the recurring themes are found once again in “Inkstains On The Edge of Light,” her second volume released in 2010. Although, she evolves and find her home in a new city, her wandering soul remains packed in a suitcase for a long period, the slight change in her style is subtly noticeable.

Hind Shoufani

Shoufani’s one true love is Yasmine. Any one who has experienced love and death can by her profound words express his emotions.

Her attachment to an unknown land she rightfully belongs to can but move the reader to explore the bygone stories and the history of a place throughout his existence known as Palestine.

I am happy to count Hind among the people in my life. She shares her joy, her colourful nature and her perseverance in life with her smile.

“Her love to her lost one transcends death through her sparkling poems,” If I can define the turmoil her words put me through while reading both books, I would add.

I am looking forward to her future work whether on-screen or in print.

To fill us up she shares her laughter and tears on the home of the poeticians, a group she had initially founded in Beirut then transported with her to Dubai before releasing it to the sphere on the web.

Hind can also be found on her website, and finally @hindoism through her glittery tweets.


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