The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell highlights what he calls The Tipping Point i.e. the moment / level where events tip and the momentum for change becomes unstoppable. He refers to three “agents of change” which he labels “the Law of the Few”, “the Stickiness Factor”, and “the Power of Context”.

Popular Quote

“Six degrees of separation doesn’t mean that everyone is linked to everyone else in just six steps. It means that a very small number of people are linked to everyone else in a few steps, and the rest of us are linked to the world through those special few.”

My opinion

Now, I know this book is a classic when it comes to business books, and this is exactly what got me to buy it, and what is making me review it, yet…

The examples and theories used are basic academic business knowledge. Two of the cases discussed can be found in the book Freakonomics. Moreover, from the Theodore Levitt’s Product Life Cycle (PLC) to Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm, the theories are too commonly known.

This book brings very little added value to anyone with a marketing background.

A BIG disappointment.



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  1. jchoufani

    Thank you for that review… I was embarrassed of saying I didn’t like it much… thought I was the only one 😀 *Phew*

  2. haha my pleasure 🙂 good to see I am not the only one as well…
    I guess, as long as you can back up your opinion, there’s no reason to be embarrassed *just the way I see it*

  3. I actually very much enjoyed this book, and I think your point about it having basic academic business knowledge is an unfair one..

    You wrote that “Two of the cases discussed can be found in the book Freakonomics”, but Freakonomics, which was first published in 2005 came 5 years after the tipping point was published in 2000.

    The book was groundbreaking at its time and it single-handedly popularized the expression “tipping point” which almost everyone uses nowadays.

    He spoke of “social maven” 10 years before the invention of facebook and twitter, which pretty much are a live present applications of his theory.

    If you haven’t read the book, I will disagree with dear Youmna and recommend that you do read it 🙂

  4. Thank you Mustapha for the feedback. Always good to see diversity in opinions. I mst have read them in the wrong order. Good to know 🙂

  5. Fadi

    I’m currently reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (review coming soon), and I’m absolutely loving it. I have to say I was surprised by your review Youmna, but then again I haven’t read Tipping Point (yet?)..

  6. mirozon

    This is the book I enjoyed the most by Gladwell. The others not so much. I probably liked it because I haven’t read Freakonomics 🙂

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