Book Promiscuity

The Juggler IIWhy is it that many of us think that one has to read a book from beginning to end before even thinking of starting a new one? Nobody said that was the rule (well, probably the high school teacher mentioned something along those lines), and yet we keep on doing it..

There are situations in life where I believe it’s perfectly ok to cheat. Reading more than one book at the same time is one of those. I occasionally read a book from start to finish (like Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code) –I guess that’s why they are called page turners –. But more often than not, I find myself committing adultery with new books before finishing the previous ones.

Nowadays, I’m reading two books. One is about a reporter’s personal account of Africa in the early 60s, and the other is a novel about people trying to discover their mysterious past. They couldn’t be any more different but they are both pleasuring in their own ways. I listen to one on my way to work and I wind down with the other before going to bed. This is the life.

In the end, after being done with both, I will abandon them for greener pastures –We all eventually do– keeping nothing with me but their sweet memories and a promise of even better books to come..


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  1. Haha! I feel the exact same way right now 😛 I bought 3 new books today, and I haven’t even started on one that I already bought a while back! (I bought “Inside WikiLeaks” by D. Domscheit-Berg, Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics, and I still have “The Grand Design” by S. Hawking to read, so expect reviews on those! And maybe one random short story)

  2. … and then there are those books that you start and never really find “the time” to finish 🙂

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