Parce que je t’aime by Guillaume Musso

Parce que je t'aime

Review contributed by Stephanie Dagher.

Guillaume Musso has a really good style of writing. It keeps you on edge and makes you want to read more and more of the book. I have read 3 of his books so far and this one is my favorite.
His style of writing has suspense, love and intensity.

Basically this story talks about Layla age 5 who disappears in a mall. 5 years later she is found at the exact same place where they lost her…. Who was she with? Why is she back ? Where was she?



  1. Marie

    I read this one and “Je reviens te chercher” a year ago and I liked both!

  2. danielle nader

    ive loved it but when i read other books of Musso i found the very same style so i didnt enjoy it like the first one i read!

  3. mirozon

    True enough Danielle, all Musso’s books do have the same style, but it is his signature as an author. I loved all his books and can’t wait to get to the next one sitting on my shelf.

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