Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

Following a life-saving incident, where he was compelled to move before a bullet hit his car’s windshield, sparing his life, Pierre Jovanovic, author of “An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels: A Journalist’s Investigative Report”, wasEnquete sur l'existence des anges guardiens left with many questions. In his book, he goes on to explain:

“Later, while talking with other journalists, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one to experience this sort of phenomenon. Other colleagues – reporters or press photographers – told me how at the very moment of inevitable death something inexplicable had saved their lives, some million-to-one shot. And most of them explained to me that time had suddenly stood still, and they had begun to see their whole lives unfold, as if “outside of time”. An inexplicable phenomenon, so they tuck it away in a corner of memory. But the memory pops up again when some other person talks about such matters: “listen, something just like that happened to me in Lebanon”, or Iraq, or wherever.”

Pierre Jovanovic goes on to study many supernatural happenings, including, but not limited to, Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Out of Body Experiences; a very intriguing read, with good analysis and a lot of documented stories that will not leave you indifferent. Whether a skeptic or a believer, this book is a page turner and a must-read. I personally read it in French, but it has been translated to English and many other languages.

So, do you believe in guardian angels?

The author comes to the conclusion that they do exist.



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  1. zeina

    I read this book long time ago.Very optimistic and comforting reading. It’s one of the best books about angels.In christianity we beleive in gardian angels. each and every person has his own loving and protecting angel at his birth.The loving angel stays with us until death and help through the crossing. Praying our angel must be a joy and a non stop conversation.Gardian angel is a true friend we have to open our inner eyes and the biological ones to meet Him, Personnaly i love mine, I always imagine him standing on my right side ….

  2. Yes, I definitely do believe in guardian angels. They are all around us and help us every step of the way 🙂

  3. I have never been a fan of paranormal entities, but I must say even scientists are intrigued when they observe that things are happening within a pattern..

    Perhaps “Guardian angels” do exist but we don’t understand the science behind them. Who knows? Anyway I’m now curious and I’ll definitely check the book out. Thanks..

  4. I hope I don’t spoil the fun if I remind everyone of the countless people who watched their loved ones die in needless accidents.

    Imagine their resentments if they found out that they died because their Guardian Angels were taking a break..

    • …I would say that guardian angels interfere when it is “not your time” to die? haha I don’t know… But I do believe in guardian angels too, not sure what role they play in saving us from worldly troubles though, I would think they’re more likely to protect our spiritual side.

  5. Maybe guardian angels are not always suppose to protect you. I do believe In their power which sometimes doesn’t involve supernatural interference.

  6. i believe in myself *dramatic pose* whether you believed in me or not *turns around* *flies away*

  7. Perhaps one can piss off his Guardian Angel.. Or simply die a meaningless death simply he didn’t listen to his GA’s advice.. That said, I’m not sure about the existence of GAs, but if they did that would make our lives a lot more like a Miyazaki movie, and I wouldn’t be one to complain 🙂
    Cool pick Youmna !

  8. Woody

    The brain can ‘sometimes?’ give us the ability to think outside of the consciousness of this world, which in many cases it would help humans in some situations. On this level, brain science can’t prove anything and thus we call it “guardian angels.”

  9. I definitely believe in guardian angels.. one way or another, a certain external energy exists

  10. stephanie saad

    i believe in guardian angels and if you think of it you can find that your guardian angel can be a friend that always give you hand , and make you feel safe and i’m sure that i have many garden angels that always give me faith and hope in life:d

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