The Sign, by Raymond Khoury

If you like fast paced thrillers, “The Sign” by Raymond Khoury is definitely for you. It’s a book you cannot put down and it will keep you flipping the pages till you finish.

The story begins at the South Pole when a weird sign emerges in the sky, to a crew filming a documentary about global warming. News spreads east and west and in minutes, the whole world is awed by this phenomena. In parallel to this, the writer takes us to a valley in Egypt where a monk in seclusion is being delivered a task from God. Quickly, the two connect, forming the content of a very good read. Several characters play important roles in the story namely the reporter who captured the sign in the South Pole and follows its appearances around the globe.

The book is Raymond’s third best seller following “The Last Templar” and “Sanctuary”. Raymond is of Lebanese origins and he lives in the States currently. His Lebanese roots are all over the place, whether having parts of “Sanctuary” occur in Lebanon or whether in “The Sign’s” underlying themes mainly separating religion and state (think civil war in Lebanon!). The author actually ends the book with excerpts from speeches of prominent US politicians showing how linking state and religion has and will wreak havoc in the system. Another important theme highlighted in the book is climate change and how the human race is running straight towards a cliff from where there shall be no return.

In all, the book delivers an adrenaline boosting chase sprinkled with scientific and historical facts as events take place in the South Pole, Boston, Egypt, Washington and other parts of the world. The protagonists are  in a race against time to stop what the sign’s manifestation was doing to people, and that will keep you holding the book till you are done with it.


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  1. Mustapha

    Nice, I’m assuming that if I enjoy Dan Brown’s work I will definitely like this..

  2. Interesting, I am intrigued to read it! I have Timeline for Michael Crichton, maybe we can exchange, since they’re both Sci-Fi

    • tyk1982

      Sure… No probs… I actually watched Timeline and remember that I loved it as a movie… I’m sure the book would be even better!!

      Yalla, next tweet up, if you can spare us some time!!

  3. Roula

    on your recomendation I read and the Sign and loved it. Now I have started the The Last Templar. Good books. Thanks for the recomendation.

  4. tyk1982

    Hi Roula… That’s great to hear!!

    Also perfect timing to starting “The Last Templar.” Finish it up quickly cause its sequel “The Templar Salvation” has been released and has already landed on the New York Times, list of book sellers.

    Hopefully you’ll get our review before you’re done with “The Last Templar.”

    Thanks a lot for your comment and keep reading The Cube. 🙂

  5. Roula

    I have actually also bought “The Templar Salvation” – it is waiting on the shelve for me to finish “the Last Templar” only about 100 pages to go..

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  7. Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the review and the comments, I’m delighted you’re all enjoying the books! A couple of tiny things to point out, though… I don’t live in the States, but in London. And I’m not of Lebanese origin… I’m Lebanese! I may have another passport, but my true one is the one with the cedar one it…
    Hope you enjoy the other books too, and keep in touch with me on my facebook page (
    All best,

  8. I have kept looking at this series every time i went to the bookstore. But now, its definitely my next read 🙂
    and i liked how The author has interacted with the website.

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