The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma

Review contributed by Rony Matar.

To all those who are starting to read personal development books, this is the book to read.

A witty book that is a collection of thoughts from several sources, Robin Sharma has made a story that encompasses a combination on contemporary self help and the basics of old Japanese culture.

The High Flying lawyer who lives a high end life filled with earthly pleasures undergoes a life ending crisis that forces him to sell all his earthly belongings & go to a soul searching trip in Himalayas, that allows him to discover the true treasures of life.

Through a small fable he teaches how to live life through 7 keys to a full life.

Those who are very much into self help reads might enjoy it as a reminder to what they already know.



  1. I really liked the book when I read it, however I felt that there were some really lame dialogs here and there, sort of a cliche, and not a dialog that 2 normal persons have.

    True that, the book puts you in this peaceful mood, and helps you become more positive, but it’s been almost 4 months I have finished the book, and I was only able to apply 1 or 2 tips from the whole book… it just doesn’t really stick to your mind.

  2. mirozon

    Although I am not really into that sort of books, I read this one because it was so well reviewed and I kind of liked its title, but I have to agree with Funky Ozzi on this one.

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