Kathy Shalhoub’s Life As a Leb-Neh Lover

I finished reading “Life As a Leb-Neh Lover, the identity crisis of a maybe-Lebanese” by Kathy Shalhoub, last wednesday .

Kathy is a shy tweep with a spiky hair and a big heart. I was lucky to meet her on a recent visit she took to Beirut for the launch of her book. I was awaiting gently for FunkyOzzi who already reviewed the book, to finish reading it in order to get my hands on it.

And I did…

Unlike FunkyOzzi, I spent half of my life abroad. Very much like Kathy, I am the child of a Lebanese mother and consequently a ‘Lebanese’ only by spirit.

The chaos, the Lebanese nonchalance she describe are issues a lot of expats and half -half, experience.

“In the airplane to Beirut some strange and bizarre transformation takes place as suddenly all semblance of westernization evaporates and primordial Lebanese is back.”

One can only laugh at one’s misery. It somehow hit me the resemblance we all face after struggling with a love and hate relationship with Lebanon, we find solace in humor. This is precisely what Shalhoub did in her book. Yet, her poignant description of situation we all somehow face raises some serious questions.

PS: “Life as Leb-neh Lover,” was offered to TheCube courtesy of Turning Point. Thank you for believing in us.



  1. it sounds like such a nice book. Would love to read it 🙂

    • Marie

      Yes Hisham, it is 🙂 You gotta show us some love for Labneh so you can enter the draw to win the signed copy!

  2. Cool! So when is the book available for us to purchase?

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