Summer Blast – I highly recommend

When heels are made of bullets, you cannot stop but wonder how did we end up like this, and how further can those heels take us.

Micheline also reviewed Summer Blast.

I am not much of a novel reader, I usually read boring stuff like business and philosophy. But since we were offered this book by Turning Point Books, and since it is someone I know (Dania El-Kadi aka @Lebanese_Writer) who wrote it, I thought, “what the heck!”, especially that the author made a big impression on me when I met her, I thought to myself: “Wow, she has a lot to say, very interesting, knows a lot of stuff and funny! Yep that is Dania!

When I started reading the book, I remember I had tears in my eyes by the end of Chapter 4. Oh and by the end of chapter 15, I was crying. As a Lebanese person, you will definitely identify with so many war related moments, but I must add, I did not expect Dania to be such a good writer in the sense where she exactly translates certain feelings only persons who have experienced war can relate to.

On top of all that, there is the “female” side of things, and since the book revolves around 3 main women, you will most probably identify with one of them, if not, partially with all of them. Interesting stories, interesting point of views, and definitely an interesting book.

Verdict? Buy it now and read it “3ala mas2ouliyte”


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