MiddlesexMiddlesex was written by winner of the Pulitzer prize Jeffrey Eugenides. It was first published in 2002. The author’s first novel was The Virgin Suicides which was published in 1993. Middlesex recount the story of the Stephanides family and their secret. The journey that Calliopes takes from being Callie to Cal, unearth a three generation family secret.

The work of fiction depicts the life experienced by intersexor hermaphrodite. Intersex individuals have both female and male genitals.

The story is well written. Middlesex depicts life in the 1960s and 1970s of a Greek family living in Detroit. The book has many layers. The novel portrays Detroit through the years. As the story unfolds so does the transformation of an insecure teenage girl who discovers that she is genetically both a male and a female. As Calliope grows up and becomes the Cal, he adapts to his new life as a man.

I have read Middlesex back in 2003 and in 2008. Since I have been hoping that Jeffrey Eugenides would follow up on Cal’s story.

Genre: Fiction
Length: 529 Pages
Publisher: Picador


One comment

  1. mirozon

    This book is just awesome! I loved Virgin Suicides and Middlesex, I am hoping Eugenedes would pick up his pen again and give us another masterpiece to enjoy.

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