Why is Sex fun? by Jared Diamond

Review contributed by Nadim Hajjar.

Unlike what you might think, this book isn’t about sexual techniques neither it is a sexual confessions book. If you continue reading the book’s title, you’ll know what it is about: “Evolution of Human Sexuality”. Jared Diamond, the book’s author is well known in different fields especially in evolutionary biology and writes in a very special and attracting style.

“Why is Sex Fun”, is more a series of lectures than a book, it provides the reader with an overview on the evolutionary aspects of sexuality. What does a dog think about how humans make sex? What are the strategies employed by males and females to get their genes to the next generation? Why don’t men breastfeed like women? Do other species engage like humans in recreational sex? How is child rearing related to investments? As well as other interesting questions.

Besides having a catching title that attracts everybody who sees you reading it, this book is full of new, interesting and awkward information. Indeed it can be qualified as a scientific book but it’s not hard to read except one or two small passages full of technical descriptions. The book is written in a very catchy and fun style. After reading this book you’ll have a lot of new information to share and be proud to know.



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