What’s wrong with eating people?

This book is divided into 33 chapters, each chapter has a question, a question such as the one in the title “What’s wrong with eating people?”

As soon as you read the question you feel like you have an immediate answer to it and wonder what the author “Peter Cave” can actually come up with to change your mind, or add more information to your pre-judgment. Surprisingly, you can go from negating a question to completely agreeing with it and saying why not? If looked at from this point of view? Who put the right or wrong, who started with that hypothesis? If the hypothesis changes, won’t the answer change as well and the method that was used to reach it?

Some chapters are better than others for sure, but this is definitely a book that will make your brains work harder than it usually does, thought provoking, funny at times and surprising at other times.

I recommend that this book “What’s wrong with eating people” is read by you and some friends, because it will surely spark lots of discussions and debates among you.


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