Give back to the Community – Iqra’ Association

Illiteracy is a growing epidemic worldwide, especially in the Arab world. But here in Lebanon we have someone who strives to make sure all children are literate. Over the last 11 years, the Iqra’ Association has worked to establish a network of over 80 public schools all over Lebanon in which they encourage reading among Lebanese children and youth. Iqra’ Association is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization whose main aim is to reinforce and encourage a lifetime reading habit. They also aim to raise awareness to the importance of reading as a route to self improvement.

As an advocate for lifelong learning and good reading habits, I hope you will all join us at the Iqra’ Fundraising event that will happen on Friday June 10 at 6pm at the Bread Republic. The fundraiser will be to support the Bkaatouta’s summer camp for underprivileged youth where children go to learn for free!

There will be a live music set by JLP and a special musical guest Farah Siraj, who is visiting Lebanon for just a few days and will be performing Spanish songs from her newly-released album, NOMAD, including original compositions of FLAMENCO FUSION.

Everyone who donates will be eligible to take part in the auction for an iPad from iStyle and a Nokia E72 Smartphone! There will also be another Nokia E72 Smartphone that’s being given away in a raffle!

Ticket donations are $5/person. Bread Republic has generously promised to MATCH the donations, which will give us a huge boost! (Of course, feel free to donate more if you wish to!)

Come ready to eat, drink, mingle, network, socialize, meet new people, listen to great music, and most importantly, support keeping kids off the streets this summer!

Go here for more details on how you can donate to this initiative.


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  1. Amer Saidi

    This is great. Wish I had been there. Unfortunately Lebanon has always been a non-reading society, but there are signs that this is beginning to change.

    For example, some shops that used to sell only stationary now stock books too, a sign that there is more demand for books. When I asked a lady in a shop how come they were now stocking books while they didn’t used to before, she replied that there was now more demand for books. Granted the books in question are not exactly high quality, but it’s good that people are reading more. It’s a good beginning.

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