Encore une danse by Katherine Pancol

This is the story of six friends who grew up together in the Parisian suburb of Montrouge. The book revolves around Clara and Rapha the main two characters; and Joséphine, Lucille, Agnès, Philippe. They form a circle that remains tight despite the years. Each of their lives evolved separately. Yet, their friendship remained intact despite the success of some, the broken dreams and the disillusionment of others. They preserved over the years certain habits for the sake of their relationship. However, the time has come to reveal some truths that may be damaging. The book narrates their letting go of appearances.

The story unfolds with hidden secrets unveiled and past resentment exposed. A web of intrigue, love provides us with a portrait of a group of adults shedding their last dreams and fears. They face up their own apprehension of becoming grownups. Whether the love they have for one another can resist the struggle is yet to be determined.

I enjoyed reading Katherine Pancol’s ‘Encore une danse.”  I enjoy her style which despite being refined remains comprehensible. The only down point was the poor ending in this reading experience.

PS: I read this book in French, its original version

Categorie: Romain, First published in 1998

Livre de Poche

ISBN13: 9782253146711


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