Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink book cover

Ever wondered how your intuition sometimes  guides you to the right decision long before your “rational self” gets a chance to properly examine the situation ? Do you wonder what it is that happens when you make a decision that just “feels right” ?

Blink attempts to explain those “moments when we ‘know’ something without knowing why”.

In the brilliant story-telling style of Malcolm Gladwell, Blink tells the stories of an art expert that could recognize a fake sculpture after mere seconds of looking at it, a marriage counselor who could predict the longevity of a new marriage by thin-slicing through only the first three minutes of a marital argument, the tall men who tend to get elected more often to important positions, African-american students who are unconsciously racist against themselves, and the ER chief who dramatically improved his hospital’s heart attack diagnosis success rate  by providing less information about the patients to the doctors. By revealing facts that seem highly counter-intuitive, Gladwell unlocks secrets of how we can learn to use our intuition for better decision-making, and warns of when our intuition can play against us.

Whether you’re interested in marketing, psychology, or simply curious about the way your own (and other people’s) heads work, Blink is the kind of book that you will read with fascination, then as soon as you’re done read again. Quoting the jacket of the book, “By trusting your instincts, you’ll never think about thinking in the same way again”

I highly recommend it.



  1. mirozon

    I didn’t think it was as brilliant as The Tipping Point, but it wasn’t bad either, I generally like all his books, they are full of insights

  2. i will definitely read it since i am always criticized by my friends that i trust a lot my intuition although it never failed me.. but they think my decisions should be based on reason since it’s more scientific and reliable, i honestly don’t think so… it is a must read. thx.

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