VOGUE Beauty

Post Contributed by Chantal Akkary.


Bronwyn Cosgrave

Juliet Cohen

Rachel Marlowe

Kathy Philips

Lizzie Radford

This great book covers different sides of Beauty: Body, Skincare, Hair, Make-up, Scent and complementary Medicine.

  • Lizzie Radford starts by defining Beauty, than gives us a historical of Fashion since 1950s till the millennium.
  • Bronwyn Cosgrave gives us tips on how to maintain a great body through a balanced diet and exercise.
  • Rachel Marlowe explains to us skin facts and how we should take care of our skin, she also covers the topic of cosmetic surgeries, how to choose a consultant and how to make it last.
  • Lizzie Radford tells us more about our hair, how to choose a hairdresser and gives us an overview on different hair types. She also gives us advices on hair care and how to keep it healthy in case we decided to color it.
  • Juliet Cohen informs us all about the world of Make-up, starting by the foundation, to the powder, concealer, eyebrows, eye shadows, eye lashes, lips and cheeks. As well as she introduces manicure and pedicure.
  • Lizzie Radford takes another section to inform us about scent and its effect on others. She goes with us on how to choose the scent and how to make it last.
  • Kathy Philips introduces to us the complementary medicine with additional research Vikki Berg; she gives us an overview on everyday maintenance medicines and therapies.

About the author:

Juliet Cohen is the author of Vogue Make-upBronwyn Cosgrave is the author of Costume and Fashion: A Complete HistoryRachel Marlowe is an associate beauty editor at W magazine. Kathy Phillipps is the beauty director for Condé Nast Asia and the author of Vogue Book of BlondesLizzie Radford writes for Vogue and Marie Claire.

I really loved this book by Carlton Publishing (March 4, 2002 – 255 pages), because it encloses everything a girl needs to know to make herself beautiful; how to stay in shape, how to take care of her skin and hair and all she needs to know about make-up. I also liked it because it has a lot of eye catching, colored pictures that attract you more to it.

So if you’re a beginner and you want all the info in one book, I really recommend it.

I bought it from Antoine Online; you can also find it on Amazon, as well as there is a newer version by Firefly Books (December 17, 2009 – 400 pages).

Happy Reading!


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