Does The Future of Books Have to be Charmless?

Let’s face it: The world of books as we know it is changing. A quick look at this chart and it becomes clear to us why E-books are slowly taking over the world.

But many of us –poor souls who grew up in a time where books have smells– are going to miss browsing actual, physical books in a bookstore. Seeing books side by side, the colors, the texture, the fonts, we’re going to be deprived of all of that.

Are we doomed to a future with no bookshelves? Will we forever wander in insipid, almost clinical digital libraries with no zest?

Not necessarily. Tech companies -the same companies who are depriving us of the cozy physicality of books- are feeling pangs of guilt and are trying to find solutions to appease us silly nostalgic types. One such promising endeavor is the charmlessly-named “WebGL Bookcase” by Google. I will say nothing more. Open Chrome (you need Chrome), and browse away.. Do you like what you see?


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