The Templar Salvation, by Raymond Khoury

Book CoverIn his fourth book, The Templar Salvation, Raymond Khoury does not fail to deliver. Consistent with his style of writing, this book brings us a fast paced thriller starring some familiar characters whom we have seen in his previous writings.

Agent Sean Riley, whom we met in “The Last Templar,” makes another appearance in this book as its protagonist. Riley is flown from FBI headquarters to the Vatican, where his quest to save his kidnapped lover Tess Chaykin leads him to one of many encounters with Iranian hit-man Mansour Zahed. Zahed is an angry special op with an agenda of vindicating his family’s careless deaths caused by Americans. What he seeks is a treasure that Tess can help him get to; a trove of knowledge long lost in time, which could change the world as we know it.

If you are thinking cliche, think again. Khoury’s style of writing keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, turning pages with your fingers when you are not biting them. The suspense and the adrenaline filled plot keeps the story interesting and would make you not want to put the book down until you are done.

The Sunday Express of the UK labeled the book as one for whom Dan Brown was the start but not the finish. Indeed the book delves into common issues discussed in “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels & Demons” and others such as the Council of Nicaea, the origins of modern Christianity and of course The Order of the Temple better known as the Knights Templar.

The connection to the Knights Templar in this book is the fact that the story is told to us in parallel with today, in the fourteenth century. A defeated Conard of Tripoli tries to use the above mentioned treasure of knowledge to be able to restore his Order. Conard and his fellow knights roam the same lands which Sean, Tess and Mansour will wander in, as their paths intersect, albeit it seven centuries later.

In addition to the time travel, our characters fly between Constantinople of past, Vatican City, Rome, modern day Istanbul, Cyprus, Greece and many rural parts of Turkey. Khoury details magnificent scenery of landscapes and landmarks that make the imagination drool.

All in all, the book is a very easy quick read for those who like this genre. It is well written and as mentioned above will keep you hanging until the end of it. Highly recommended read.


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