2012, the year of the book

Taken from http://www.derekciccone.blogspot.com/The Cube Lebanon, born in March 2011, with 10 reviewers and many more contributors, has gone a long road by trying to review books in our own way, recommend good reads, encourage reading among our peers and most importantly create conversation in the Lebanese online community. We hope we have succeeded and we promise that 2012 will hold even more surprises.

Most importantly, The Cube Lebanon has brought us (the reviewers) together, created a strong bond and a constant reminder of how important, useful and mind-expanding reading is. And we were happy to share this with you our dear reader.

May 2012 bring you health, success, prosperity and whatever your heart wishes for!

Happy New Year Cubists!


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Why so Serious? A software developer / SEO / SEM womosapien. I worry if I travel back in time, what will I work then.

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