Couplehood by Paul Reiser

Not many books can be funny without even trying, or hook you in from the very first sentence, yet with its simplicity and utter honesty Couplehood pulls it off like no other book that I’ve read has.

In this book the creator of the hit TV series “Mad About You” talks about married life. That, as a topic, might sounds rather boring. Yet somehow this book doesn’t really feel like a book, but more like a conversation with Paul Reiser. Imagine yourself sitting at a dinner table with the unapologetically quirky author and a glass of wine, and he’s just.. talking. You’ll find yourself smiling, chuckling, and at times straight out laughing out loud.

This brutally honest and light-hearted book will walk you through the rarely talked about details of married life in all its stages and strange moments, in a writing style that is particular to no other than Paul Reiser. I highly recommend it.

PS: A fair warning – only use Amazon’s “Look inside” feature at your own risk, because once you start reading, you’re not going to stop until the book is over.



  1. And do you learn anything at the end? about married life?

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