How Street-Smart Entrepreneurs Learn to Handle Whatever Comes Up

The Authors Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham, explore how to turn a start-up into a successful entrepreneurship endeavor in The Knack. They discuss issues from everyday challenges new start-ups tend to face and their potential solutions; highlighting what they think are the key points that make a successful entrepreneurship mindset. The book is filled with refreshing excerpts from Brodsky’s column ‘Ask Norm‘, where actual business people request his help in solving their current problems, and he offers his expert opinion.

The book is easy to read, offers advice based on practice rather than theories, and contrary to most business books, relies on the experience of small to medium enterprises to convey lessons instead of the big famous multinationals. Given that the authors are neither scholars, nor researchers, the language is simple, condensed with real-life examples and lacking any form of jargon, needless to say, The Knack is accessible to people of different backgrounds.

What I liked about it: lessons are divided in chapters, with the main points highlighted in the end of each section. The authors do not regard companies as money-making machines and cultivate the ideas revolving around employees’ nurturing, respecting your competition, the value of the firm’s culture and the importance of a life plan over a business plan. All of which reflect a humanitarian take on business and how it positively impacts the start-ups. This makes me think that, after all, we all get what we give… Even companies.


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