The Logic of Life, by Tim Harford

I often like to make theories about knowledge and life. Its adds structure to my understanding of the world and gives me a comforting delusion of self-importance. Here’s one of those theories: Of all human disciplines, there are two that will completely change the way you look at life: Evolution and Economics.

One day hopefully I will review my favorite book on Evolution, but today it’s all about the choices we make in our everyday lives. Tim Harford, one of the best authors from a breed of young economists that brought us Freakonomics, has a simple idea: There is a hidden, rational logic in every decision human beings make, no matter how personal or emotional.

The Logic of Life is not a dry book about supply and demand, nor is it one to use boring charts to explain things we already know. This is a page-turner filled with delightful stories that explain the way we live and the choices we make about love, divorce, poker, racism, about the neighborhoods we choose to live in and the way we communicate, all in counter-intuitive and surprising ways.

Harford’s writing is friendly, witty and conversational, but he remains at heart an “Undercover Economist”, someone who believes in the beauty of statistics and charts and their capacity to explain our world to us.

Reading this book felt a bit like seeing a car’s engine for the very first time. It made it a bit easier to understand how this thing called life works..


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