The Cube’s 1 year anniversary

The first post on The Cube was exactly a year ago. This blog started out of a passion that all of us the authors of this blog had towards reading books, and sharing this as much as we can among people to encourage them to read as well knowing that it is not a very popular hobby in Lebanon.

With time, we gained more support and fans who have been with us since The Cube’s birth and up until today. For that, we want to celebrate this with style and we want to extend the celebration to all our readers and our contributors who also submitted book reviews to our little online book reading community.

Therefore, mark your calendars “28 March” and meet us at our event “Give a book, get a book”, the program consists of Authors reading their work, swapping books and prizes. And most importantly, having fun over a drink and a book 🙂

Event details here. Event’s hashtag is #CubeTwtup


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Why so Serious? A software developer / SEO / SEM womosapien. I worry if I travel back in time, what will I work then.

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