Buy.ology – How Everything We Believe About What We Buy Is Wrong

Written by Martin Lindstrom, Buyology is a New York Times Bestseller. The name sounds scientific, and this is exactly what the author intends the book to be. Buyology presents the findings of Lindstrom’s neuromarketing research on over 2,000 subjects – a study of their cognitive response to advertising stimuli measured through an MRI of the brain.


Buyology analyzes our buying behavior, or rather, our response to different types of advertising. It investigates some very common beliefs in the marketing world, “Sex sells”, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” – even when the negative message is about smoking, it turns out they aroused the subjects craving, “subliminal advertising”, product placement – unless the sponsor is included within the storyline, the viewer easily dismisses him…

All of which make of this book a page turner, and a very interesting read, although not always backed by sound scientific research as the hype around the book seems to point.


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