Arms and the Man – George Bernard Shaw

Arms and the manThe following review isn’t so much a review for a book as much as it is for a play; nevertheless you will enjoy this one.

If you’re a fan of smart wit and play on words in a period that resonates both elegance and opulance, this book is for you. George Bernard Shaw outdid himself with this comedy, a timeless masterpiece.

The book is set during a Balkan war between Serbia and Bulgaria. Of course, the play starts on a balcony where our lady heroin Raina Petkoff was day dreaming about her Bulgarian fiance Captain Sergius whom had led the Bulgarians to victory. A Serbian soldier climbs into her bedroom and takes shelter. She finds out he is in fact a Swiss soldier who was a mercenary for the Serbs. He shatters her notions of the valiance of war and she provides him with shelter as the Bulgarian troops come looking for him. Four months later, when Raina’s father Major Petkoff and fiance Sergius return victorious, stories about a Swiss soldier intersect and the audience discover before the cast the identity of Captain Bluntschli, notoriously dubbed the “Chocolate Cream Soldier.”

The plot is a funny one, filled with wit and twists. Shaw, famous for his satirical ways, ridicules war and the human psyche’s hypocrisy. Definitely a recommended light read that will make you laugh and enjoy some comedy from a different time.


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