No et Moi

No et moi

No Et Moi is the story of the 13 year old Lou Bertignac. She has an IQ of 160. Despite her intelligence, Lou lacks the skills to function normally among her older peers. As a young student in a class full of 15 years old teenagers, Lou relates only to Lucas, one of her classmates. Lucas is17 and two years older for his class.

In spite of her unordinary IQ, the prospect of giving a presentation in front of her class is far from being an easy task for the protagonist. Yet, she chooses to tackle a difficult subject, homeless women. Her research leads her to meet Nolween (“No”), an 18 year old young homeless girl who steadily learns to trust Lou and befriends her.

The author Delphine de Vigan depicts a Paris with two facets. The atmosphere of the city is quite reflective of the 13 year old protagonist: Behind the beauty of the city lays the un-comprehensiveness facing Lou, and behind the picturesque facade lay the harsh reality of thousands.

As the story unfolds, No and Lou develop an attachment to one another. Baffled, still determined, Lou persuades her parents to offer shelter and help No to regain control of her life. At first, No seems to be getting her life in order. As her stay unfolds, she falls apart and her existence is again in shatters. At the same time, the relation between the hardy Lucas and the naive Lou strengthen. He lend his support to Lou in her endeavor. He proves to be a great help to both girls.

Through Lou’s interaction with others, we strongly feel the contrasting truths in each protagonists’ reality, their tragedies and their respective dysfunctional situations.


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