My love affair with the iPad

It is no secret that I was one of those who were eagerly waiting for the release of the original iPad. It was a big deal at the time. For some reason, I felt that it will revolutionize my life. Once the iPad  was released in 2010, I had a change of heart. I didn’t feel the need to buy one. I thought that it was just a luxury. So, i went on with my life. Few months later, my brother came to town for a visit arms full of love, cookies and a wrapped package. Frankly, I had no idea. It was too extravagant. I shouldn’t have been surprised, he always spoiled me.

I was always a dreamer who is constantly scribbling things down. I always knew that writing is my true passion. I can’t recall when my love with words started. It must have been sometime during infancy. As far as I recall, I always had a book in my hand and an endless list of titles and books in the other.

Mind you I was not your typical A student. Studying was not my thing. My grades fluctuated from C’s to the not occasional A’s. I would finish my homework and browse through my school books. That was the extent of my studying. More than once I was reminded by my teachers to come back to present time. I was even accused of hiding a book inside my school book during class time. The accusations were not completely false. I was caught in the act one time too many.

I grew up surrounded by books. I come from a family of passionate readers. My parents and siblings are the consummate book worms. No one can accuse us of not being related. The reading gene is what binds us. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when my brother offered me a book reader, the iPad.

It was the one function I was conflicted about. The idea of an ebook reader has been constantly on my mind. As attractive as the idea of having my library around was, I was reluctant to let go of print. I made endless lists with pros and cons. The fact that I never have to leave a book behind drastically tipped the balance. Inevitably it had to happen. Yet, I was not able to make that move myself. It had to happen smoothly. Someone had to do it for me. Someone but then not anyone, it had to be my brother. It was the most natural thing. It fell in my arms and I fell into its grasp.

The iPad did revolutionize my life. I have never regretted not jumping on the bandwagon and buying the ipad upon its release.  The fact that it was a gift my brother gave me made it all more special.

…Thus my love to read led me to have an affair with the iPad.

This is merely the start!!!



  1. Mustapha Hamoui

    As an iphone 4 owner (with retina display), I always took a stance that I will only buy an iPad once it becomes Retina, because I couldn’t imagine going back to a screen with low-res, and I only wanted an iPad to read.

    I now have the new ipad and I’m very happy with it. I love it for reading articles on Instapaper, but for books I think I still prefer my E-Ink Kindle..

  2. fletchergull

    and I thought I was the only one who had heartwarming stories with every first of its line Apple product!!!
    I loved it! a lot…

  3. hydrogen

    Either on an iPad or a laptop, reading you is always as pleasant and fresh 🎈

  4. Good point by hydrogen. Reading is what matters. But I can’t help not buy a book. I still buy books even though I have the same book on my ipad. But when I traveled, I left all my books behind… Now.. I am buying books again 🙂 But when I leave them behind *sad face* I will still have the ipad. Good read Maggie.

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