The Cube in “365 jours pour rester positif au Liban”

Can you stay positive for 365 days in Lebanon? Tamyras publishers took on the challenge to offer you exactly what you need to do it – an agenda filled with daily upbeat notes. “365 jours pour rester positif au Liban” includes all the constructive social initiatives happening in Lebanon, from cupcake box charity to save Lebanon heritage to Nasawyia, and also fun initiatives like Tchenchol, Pure nostalgia and Lebanese memes.

The idea of the agenda came to Tamyras publishing director, Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna, to counteract all the negativity that was building up around her, be it on social networks, in the news or in her personal circle of acquaintances: she decided to uncover the positive side of Lebanon. There are countless people, groups, NGO’s who haven’t given up, who still wear rose-colored glasses and still dream of a better Lebanon, doing their part to make it happen. So Tamyras staff did an intensive research, gathered the names of positive initiatives, from the humorous to the serious ones, came up with a funky design, and the new agenda was born!

The launching of the 2013 agenda is today, October 30th, at 6PM at the “Salon du Livre Francophone” in BIEL, and the agenda will be available in all bookstores in Lebanon.

Noura Saad – Hay Khabriyeh! (original article)

Look for The Cube on October 28, 2013!

The Cube in Tamyras agenda “365 jours pour rester positif au Liban”


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  1. Sietske

    Yeahhhh! You’re in it too. I am so going to plug this one!! 🙂

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