What are you reading this summer?

I came across this wonderful chart that will guide you through your picks for the next books on your reading list.

Is there any book that you advise everyone to read?



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  1. I recommend Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. There is sex,violence, and rape so it’s not perhaps for young readers, but 15 and up should be fine. Originally published in 1992, It’s a mash of genres: history, fantasy, romance… When Gabaldon was first touring with it years ago, she’d tell people to pick it up, read 3 pages anywhere, and if they didn’t want to keep reading, she’d give them a dollar. She never had to pay!

    Post WW2 a nurse on a second honeymoon in Scotland ends up travelling back in time 200 years and being forced to marry an exiled highland laird in order to be protected from her modern husband’s ruthless ancestor. What follows is the development of a passionate and devoted relationship caught amid trouble times as the years go by. In the last books, the characters are in their 50s. They’ve experienced Culloden, the destruction of the clans, and are amid the American Revolution. Settings range from 1730s to 1980s. Scotland, England, France, Caribbean, US. Gabaldon peoples her books with rich and interesting characters. Even the minor characters have stories.

    Gabaldon has a PhD and is a very intelligent person. Her writing is excellent, the research impeccable. My editor tried for months to get me to read the first book (Outlander), and when I had, I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing. I’m an English teacher and an author, and I LOVE these books so much they are on a never ending audio book cycle in my car… (some books are 60 hours long…)

    My father-in-law (PhD in botany, retired and an active historian and genealogist) loves the series. My husband (who usually reads spy novels and mysteries) devoured it faster than anything he’s ever read. My female friends (age 20-85) lust after the love interest. It’s about to become a mini-series (airing on Starz in the US) next spring. Book 8 is due Mar 28, 2014.

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