Riddle of the Red Bible by K.T Jae

Review submitted by Sarah.

Riddle of the Red BibleA good friend gave me a copy of Riddle of the Red Bible when I asked her for a good book to read. After reading the book, I would have to treat said friend to lunch, because it wasn’t only good—it was great. I was fascinated by how K.T. Jae managed to break through the visible barriers between three various genres, specifically horror/supernatural, fantasy and adventure, and science fiction. It’s an endeavor that not all authors dared to try, much more accomplish.

Pretty much like all adventure stories, the story starts off in a state of equilibrium—that is, the part where all is well and good. Jae shows us a picture-perfect couple that is expecting their first child. Readers are given a sense of ease, comfort, and a level of happiness, but it would soon be disrupted by a strange occurrence that effectively had me hooked and anticipating how the story would further unfold.

Courtney Nivots’ brilliance and curiosity far exceeds those of kids her age. She possesses a strange preoccupation with time, believing that if she manages to unveil its secrets, she would be able to reclaim what every orphan longs to have again: a complete family. Her tenacity to discover the paradoxes of time brings us to a roller coaster of events that spans two continents, two different dimensions, and hundreds of possibilities that keep us at the edge of our seats.

Through Courtney’s journey, we are also enjoined not only to discover life’s greatest mysteries, but also mankind’s deepest nature. How far would we go for fame? How far would we go for power? What kind of future awaits us? These are the questions that K.T. Jae boldly tries to find the answers to in her book.

To all those who want more than just a good read, to all those who want to travel through time, and to all those who want to delve deeper into the human heart, I recommend picking up Riddle of the Red Bible.


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