Quiet by Susan Cain

Review by Jack Eltschinger.

Quiet by Susan CainQuiet is a quite strange kind of writing: written by an introvert about the place that introverts should have in the society. The first impression when you discover this book is that it must be another self-help stuff for strange folks who are not feeling well around people an in public places ; but after a few pages, you realize that it is not exactly that. Quiet is based on serious researches, interviews with cognitive psychologists, Harvard professors, true specialist of behavioral psychology ; but as it’s written by someone who’s usually the subject of their research, it turns out that this book is much more than a simple case study or a self-help book, in fact it is much more interesting than that!

The author, Susan Cain, who defines herself as a strong introvert, tells us about the power that these people could have on the world, the way they can change things ; if only things were perfect… Cain demonstrates that the actual society is entirely based on gregariousness and team work, which is quite incapacitating for introverts ; but if people can get out of this scheme, being an introvert can be helpful for our world, and how introverts can make things happen for the good of all. Cain show us that introversion is not a state of mind that you decide, or that your environment decides for, neither some sub-genre of misanthropy ; but something inborn, something that is in yourself from your birth till your grave, proved by researchers and psychologists for decades now, and that our actual world, based on collective thoughts tends to judge negatively. The author share also experience of people who suffered from that and how they overcame all the difficulties to live happily ; after lots of struggle sometimes.

The interest of this book is to be a quite serious one, based on very recent scientific theories ; but also a testimony on the fact that nearly the entire world is based on a system that forgot that some people don’t fit in a model which involve team work, public presentation and group thinking ; and how miserable these people can be in their everyday life if they don’t find a solution to fit in the world ; but if they success in doing it ; how they can make the world a better place to live in being great artists, innovators or wonderful thinkers, just because they are able to be alone with in their mind and getting wonderful creation out of their brain. If you are one of these people, I strongly recommend this book, it might change your life and helps you doing great stuff ; and as conclusion I can’t resist to give this quote of Blaise Pascal, who spent quite a long time alone in is mind ; « Tout le malheur des hommes vient d’une seule chose, qui est de ne pas savoir demeurer en repos , dans une chambre ».


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