Have you ever wished there was a guide on how to live?

Colonel Chris Hadfield has wrote a guide from an astronaut’s perspective on how to live on Earth. To live on Earth you might ask yourself, but is there any other place that we can live on? The reason why this is written the way it is, is because we, as humans who never left Earth, forget that we are on Earth and easily take things for granted as well as fall victims to things that we can actually be in control of.

This book is not your typical book in terms of story telling, sci-fi, romance or police suspense. This is a story of an actual astronaut who simply tells us how and what he did to tackle life and its difficulties. And as you probably guess, becoming an astronaut (and maybe getting the chance to actually participate in a space mission, 2 different things) is a very difficult thing. From academic preparation, to having high capabilities in different skills, to being healthy mentally and physically, to have high endurance mentally and physically, being quick on your feet and highly intelligent to being a reasonable and logical person who can handle being without gravity and secluded for months and having to solve problems within seconds to avoid dying horribly. (You’ve seen the movie gravity I assume? Remember the faceless guy?)


Anyway, Colonel Hadfield, presents himself as an extraordinary hard working person who at the same time is extremely modest despite being so successful, clever, etc… And he shared with us systematically on how to look at things and think of the worst case scenario, not in the sense of being a pessimistic person that could lead to you giving up or messing up, on the contrary, it’s to encourage us to always have plan B and plan C, specially when your and your colleagues’ lives are at stake.

Not only was he a great and successful astronaut, while commander of the International Space Station (ISS), he learned how to take better photographs and captivated the world with the photos and videos he was taking, simply showing how simple tasks when you’re gravity-less can become so complex and troublesome.

I definitely recommend this read, specially if you’re a space fan, because you will learn a lot of technical interesting things there, as well as how to take an astronaut’s approach to preparing and handling things and applying them to your everyday world. But also, never ever forget how valuable our lives are and how valuable Earth is, and for this I want to end it with the classic speech that Carl Sagan shared with us decades about, the pale blue dot.


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